What is Tales of Apollo?

  Tales of Apollo is my latest music project. My goal is to release an EP later this year/early next year starting this month with the single “You Don’t Feel the Same”. Before its release, I wanted to take a moment to explain the idea behind Tales of Apollo. I’ve been asked if the name/project is inspired by the Greek god Apollo, the god of the sun, light, music and prophecy. The answer is ... well ...no. The name has a very complex and profound beginning. I thought it sounded cool. See …. I told you it was profound. However, even though the name was random, I have a special bond with it. I’ve always been fascinated by space. I love watching movies like Apollo 13, Interstellar, the Martian. We as a society are fascinated by the seemingly endless possibilities space can offer. We look at the stars and wonder what could be out there. It brings up questions about life beyond this earth, whether a higher being is out there, etc. However for me, when I look at the stars, I think of people. I like to think each star, planet, etc is a reflection of an individual here. I think we spend too much time looking up at space, wishing our lives were as unique and fascinating as the stars in the sky. In my opinion, our lives absolutely are as unique and fascinating. I think we have just lost sight of life’s true value. We are truly blessed just to wake up each and every day. We are blessed just to take our next breath. Too many times, we get lost in our daily routines that we miss out on experiencing the beauty of life. Yes we have ups and downs, and sometimes our lives can feel like an all out rollercoaster. Personally, I think that’s the beauty of it. We all have a different story to tell. We’ve all experienced different twists and turns that I think need to be shared. The goal of Tales of Apollo is to tell those stories. I have partnered with different artists, producers, musicians and songwriters to be featured on this EP. Some are friends that I’ve met in my time here in LA, and others will be strangers that I’m meeting for the first time. Either way, my goal is that each individual will help bring these stories to life. We all have stories to share, and I think it is powerful to hear them. The highs, lows, and everywhere in between.  I hope you will join us for the ride.

 - Travis Boothman