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$3000 Guitar Rig Challenge

Travis Boothman and Julian Montes go to Guitar Center and pick out their ideal guitar rig for $3,000. Are you up for the challenge?! Participate in the #3kGuitarRigChallenge. Subscribe to see my latest videos! Comment below who you think had the better guitar rig! Check out some of my other videos!

The Victory Project Worship Night 11/15

I had the pleasure of playing a worship night with The Victory Project this past saturday at New Hope Chapel! It is always a blessing playing with these guys! We were also able to record the event both audio/video to promote our original songs! Keep an eye out for these videos to come out in the next month or so! Below is the set list for the event as well as a look at the gear I used for the event.

1. Here For You

2. Sing Out

3. Furious 

4. Forever

5. Manifesto

6. All Creatures Rise

7. The Showcase

8. Alive

9. Build Your Kingdom Here

10. This is What You Do

11. The Stand

12. White Flag

13. How Great is Our God

Check out the gear I used for the event below.

Guitars: Gretsch Duo Jet,  Fender Telecaster & Taylor 816ce

Amps: Jackson Ampworks Britain 30 & Orange AD30

Pedalboard: Line 6 G50 Wireless, This1sMyne Ernie Ball Volume Jr, JHS Pulp n Peel, JHS Morning Glory, JHS Moonshine, Britain 30 Boost Switch, Strymon Timeline, Strymon Big Sky, BBE Sonic Stomp, Disaster Area Designs DPC8-EZ & DMC-6

Rack Unit: Presonus ADL600 (acoustic guitar direct input)