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$3000 Guitar Rig Challenge

Travis Boothman and Julian Montes go to Guitar Center and pick out their ideal guitar rig for $3,000. Are you up for the challenge?! Participate in the #3kGuitarRigChallenge. Subscribe to see my latest videos! Comment below who you think had the better guitar rig! Check out some of my other videos!

Hume Lake Christian Camp

I had the blessing to play guitar for a retreat at Hume Lake Christian Camp in Hume,CA. it was my first time at Hume, and is absolutely beautiful. It was a great opportunity to get away from city life for a bit, and spend some time in the mountains. However it took an adjustment to have no cell service. I didn’t realize how much I depend on it 😂. Thank goodness for wifi allowing me to watch the Red Sox in the World Series.

For my guitar rig, I got to run stereo into a Kemper & Tyler Amps HM30. Then I went stereo out of the Kemper and place 2 mics on the amp (Sennheiser MD-421 & Shure SM57). I used Brian Carl’s Blackface Deluxe SB++ profile which pairs beautifully with my HM30! Check out the video below for a full run through of my guitar rig.

Confessions of a Worship Guitarist

  So I think we all can agree that the first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one, so here I go. My name is Travis Boothman and I am a gear-a-holic. Over the last 8-10 years of playing guitar, I can say that this blurb is one of the greatest lessons I have learned, and I want to share it with you all.

  I have spent so much time when it comes to gear. You want to get me talking, just show me your pedalboard and we can chat for hours. I'll research different guitars, amps, and of course .... pedals. I have gone through a PT-2, Pedaltrain Pro, PT-3, Blackbird, Temple Audio, and now I am running a flat board by Creation Music Company. That comes to 6 pedalboards in a a 8 year span! The only pedals I still own from 2 years ago are my Morning Glory, Big Sky, Timeline, and Polytune. Everything else .... gone. I became obsessed with getting the ultimate "worship" tone. I wanted everyone to think Jeffrey Kunde (Jesus Culture) came to fill in, or that Nigel Hendroff (Hillsong United) took a week out of his tour to play on our worship team. After spending so much time on my gear, it's no surprise that when i played a part, I simply couldn't play it like he did. I spent so much time working on my "sound" that I forgot to work on the biggest part of guitar tone, the tone produced directly from my hands to my guitar.

  When I really began sharing my vision for making guitar my career, I was given the challenge to sell most of my pedals, and just keep the bare minimum (1 overdrive, delay, reverb). So I did what almost all of us worship guitarists would do. I said ABSOLUTELY NOT! However I began experimenting with that idea. I began practicing direct into the amp, unplugged, or with my acoustic. I minimized my time with the pedals, and instead of tinkering away at my tone I was tapping away on the fretboard. To no surprise, I found myself improving as a player, and even better I found I didn't have to rely on those pedals as much to hide my flaws. Too many times we find ourselves stuck unable to play a specific part or lick. Then to make sure we don't miss our part, we just change to a preset that fixes it all. However there will be that day that comes for almost every guitarist. There will come a day that all your pedals fail or even worse..... you don't have them! I had this experience recently when I was asked to play last minute for a young adults night. I wouldn't get to rehearsal in time, but I could get there in time to play the set. Now my pedals were at the time over a thousand miles away being put together by Brian Omilion of Omilion Audio, so I had nothing but my guitar, amp, tuner and the and built in boost switch. However I knew I could handle it, because I had been practicing with the minimum. Of course I wanted to add some big ambient swells and delays, but I could make it work without them. That night I got a lot of compliments for my playing, and most of them I can assume had no idea that I was missing 1/3 of my gear. That was a win in my book. So now I challenge you to put yourself in that situation. If you were asked to play with just a guitar, amp, tuner, and boost, could you do it and do it well? I can be honest with myself and say that I have improved in that area, but that I also have a long way to go. 

  I think as worship guitarists we easily forget that pedals are designed to enhance our tone rather than cover up our mistakes. When we have that mentality of covering our playing, we cheat ourselves of improving as guitar players. We stick ourselves inside this box that we can't play those parts, so instead we just click on a delay that can do it for us. Don't feel like I'm judging anyone that does this because I was the worst of them all, and I would much rather it sound good with delay than sound horrible without it. Overall this experience has just shown me that my priorities were in the wrong place. Of course you should have a solid guitar tone, but you should never let it stop you from improving your abilty as a guitar player. You can have the best gear in the world, but if you can't play the parts, what good is it?

Suhr Custom Classic T Antique

Hey everyone! I am really excited to tell you about my Suhr Custom Classic T! I was very fortunate to buy this guitar a couple of months ago and I can tell you it is one of the best guitars I have ever played. So I just wanted to share a little bit about the guitar and where it fits in my rig right now. 

So over the last 6 months I noticed something about the guitars I was using for gigs. I used my Gretsch Duo Jet 95% of the time. The Gretsch tone was at a whole different level than the guitars I had at the time (Gibson Les Paul 60s Tribute, Fender Baja Tele, SGC Tomcat). Not to say these guitars do not sound good, but why would I play them when I have another guitar that sounds so much better! Yes there are the usual answers like to have more tonal options for different kinds of music, but that part wasn't that appealing to me. I find myself playing primarily worship, pop, and rock music, where you don't need a tone of different tones. So I decided instead of having 1 great guitar and 3 good guitars, I decided to sell the 3 and purchase another great guitar. That is where the Suhr came in. I came across an incredible guitarist Mateus Asato who I saw using almost solely Suhr guitars. After seeing him live, I was blown away by the tone he got out of his guitars. So I started doing some research on the guitars and tried a few out at Matt's Music in Weymouth, MA. The first moment I picked up a Suhr was a magical moment. I say that because I have never had a guitar that plays as well as the Suhr does. The moment I picked up the guitar I grabbed the neck and just said "wow". When I plugged it in for the first time it sounded incredible too! I was concerned that this guitar wouldn't be able to replace my Gibson Les Paul and Fender Tele but the Suhr did it with ease. The pickups are Suhr's Classic T single coils. The pickups are pretty hot for single coils so I pull the volume knob down to get that tele twang and then max out the volume so it can scream like a Les Paul. The Suhr has a really raw tone that can be hard to explain, so instead you can hear for yourself from Mateus Asato below.